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Definition of Irony

It’s not easy to explain what the word irony stands for. This is so in spite that many people find themselves using the word. There is a portion of the users that use the word in the right through others confuse is severally. The word irony is a word in English that means the results being different what was presumed to happen. This implies that your expectation fails terribly. There are things that are bad lucks and not necessarily irony. Due to this people are not able to differentiate when things happen naturally. For example when a family member die and on the same day a baby is born in the family.

Irony has many functions in life. The purpose of the irony is to make the other person feel emotional about which the reason for feeling this doesn’t show up true. Make sure to click here for more information on how the irony works. To understand more about irony you can listen to you tubes videos, read articles and blog. This will help you to have the broad meaning of the word irony so that you can be using it correctly. This article has given you types of ironies that help you to learn more about the usage of irony.

To begin with we can talk about the verbal irony. Many people know about the verbal irony. This is because it means the words of mouth that mean contrary to the real situation. The speaker may intentionally or intentionally make people think to have a different picture of what is happening at the moment. The intentions of the verbal irony is to make jokes and make other people laugh. A verbal irony can be seen clearly when someone comments positively about a whether or situation that is really affecting him or her negatively.

The other sort of irony is situational irony. Here, the expected outcome of a situation comes in a different way. The situation irony can cause you to sympathize with the victim. In situational irony you can either cry or laugh because what has happened. An example of a situation irony is when you laugh at a friend not knowing that the same thing will happen to you in short while.

The next type of the irony we will talk about is the dramatic irony. You mostly find dramatic irony with authors. The dramatic irony urges the gathering of people to keep getting motivated in watching or listening to the event or the story so that they can have to understand the end of the characters. The results of the dramatic irony can be tragic and or funny. The thoughts of the author are the opposite of what is to happen. One of the parties involved in dramatic irony makes the situation intentionally.

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